July 26, 2021 – Process Update

Here we go!!!!! Haven’t you ever wondered what a life size gown would look like in all stained glass with embroidery glass on top?!? I sure have!!!!!

There is Maverick “peeping” behind this gal, and although I have all the fine detail to still sculpt, a double application of fiberglass and concrete, I’m getting closer to getting her ready for full on hand cut glass!

Will you follow along with me in this journey? I’d love to have you lose by my side as she takes shape and I’ll be glad to post more process photos and videos if you’d like to see them1 Who’s up for that???? It always stirs my heart when I see you enjoying the view of my journey! I love sharing it together! Let’s do this!!!!

SOOOOOOO EXCITED and have wanted to do this for a long time! Going bigger and bigger now!