Amy Keever Gallery Grand Opening

What an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE night !!!!!!! I could NOT have asked for a better Grand Opening!!! We had a ton of folks come by and show their love and I got tickled at the man who said “word has it you’re gonna hug my neck!” 🤣It was non stop all night and I loved it!
I am beyond grateful for all of you who have lifted me up to this point and who came out to support me! The last time I tried to thank everyone individually Facebook shut me down because it thought I was spam🤣🤣So I’ll do my thank you’s here but just know my heart is ever so full of love!!!
Many thanks to my precious girl Kara for all the help she gave me ! It was fantastic! You have such an eye for these things and you take amazing photos! Thanks to my sweet son in law Caleb for hanging things and helping me with all kinds of stuff , for Tommie Smith being an amazing support system and running errands for us ! Martha Londagin from Startup Junkie I am so grateful or your love and mentorship in lifting women in business! You’ve been such a resource for me!
To the Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce of Commerce and Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce, and their ambassadors, thank you for your support and contributions , to Jeff and Allison Pederson for finding this incredibly wonderful space!
To the ladies Of Queens Supporting Queens thank you for coming and cheering me on!!! For Claudia Riley being my right hand girl and Amy Garrett-Fielder for helping with everything in general!
If you haven’t heard of the band Robbing Ford go see them!
Paul, I cannot begin to tell you how perfect the music was ! It set the stage!
LaceyAnne Williams you worked your tail off making the food and wine so beautiful and tasty and everyone loved the speciality wines from Tonitown Winery!!
To the many business downtown and beyond that showed up to support me, along with friends and family…..Bettie Hebert Felder thank you so much for covering me in prayers along with so many others, to my sweet son Haid Rowland for calling to check on me to see how things went, and most of all, to my rock and support system, my dear husband Craig Keever who’s transformed my life by his love ……you have lifted me up in my weakest times and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself ! I am ever so grateful for your love !
We had some photographs not turn out and missed the party as it got full so if anyone has anymore pics please tag me and we will include them here !