“The Blessing Bowl”

I think I started out in life with a curiosity and joy and although at times I kept that going, there was a part of my “people pleasing” nature that allowed other people’s wants to “eek” in ………..being a kid who moved so much, I was leaving friends behind, only to move over 8 hours away to another new place. New beginnings are good, and I welcome them now, but during those formative years, I found it very hard to clearly develop my identity …… always knowing I was an artist at my core made it even harder because we are only about 15% of the population it seems……..and lets face it – we’re weird lol

But that pulling apart, that tugging me away from the norm, was a way of preparing me to take much bigger leaps, forcing me to go inside and reach deep for what I only knew about me, and honestly DIDN’T know about me ……I count it all good now, but I probably didn’t appreciate those hard moments of denying who I was, second guessing myself when I did make a decision, and falling into the comparison trap. I learned to put the burden on myself instead of letting God take the wheel, then hammering on how much better I could’ve handled something ……yet that still small voice inside of me started to get a little louder…..first a whisper and then an occasional “you’ve got this!”

So, I’ll skip ahead to “The Blessing Bowl”……years ago when I took a trip to Eureka, I happened upon a store that when I entered, had a big bowl and it said “This is a blessing bowl- please feel free to place your blessing in the bowl that you wish to send out into the Universe.”  What?!?! I couldn’t help but chuckle and wonder “who’s doing this?” I both admired it in a way but I also thought omg they would laugh me out of my city if I did this! At least 15 years ago, that was my impression of what could’ve happened – In one way I’m pretty sure that would’ve happened…….but another part of me thinks it might have brought a smile to others, and a little hope for the world…….for the last few days, as I have been thinking about what vision and energy I want the gallery to have, this memory came back to me …..and I thought “I’m gonna freakin’ get me a blessing bowl…..I’m gonna not care how silly, or weird or anything someone might think it is and get me a blessing bowl.” Which then made me think of all of you- what “Blessing Bowl” scenario are you waiting on? Yeah this in and of itself isn’t a really big deal, but it is something I think could cause people to cock their head at me and say “Who does this ? How weird! What is THIS girl about ?” Is there something fun you’ve wanted to do, and you knew it would bring you joy, and you also had a pretty good idea that it might bring a great deal of  joy to other people, buuuuutttt its that 10,20,30% of people who might question you, that brought your idea to a halt. Is it a big idea? Or a tiny one like this ? Because I believe its those tiny decisions of bravery, those itty bitty moments where you step out in faith and say I’ll do this regardless of its outcome, to bring just…..a little……more love……into the world……..I have always loved sharing my heart with others through writing and my art, and lifting them up to find their own voice- but I found myself getting sidetracked lately with writing, and unclear and scared of that person right now who’s trying to find every grammatical error ( and no don’t help me find them, I’m just rebellious enough to put some in there on purpose:), and yada yada yada…….for what? To cheat the world of love ? That’s kinda silly – so I’m here, pledging, my accountability to you, to give it my best to encourage, inspire and to try and help draw you closer to you……your heart, your passion, your reason for being here- fitting in is so over rated – if you’re truly in your own identity it’s impossible to fit in! As they say “You were born an original, so don’t die a copy!”

And remember, as many of you know this is my saying, never forget  W.O.A.L. -YOU ARE WORTHY OF AUDACIOUS LOVE!!! And that starts with YOU loving YOU!