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The Call of the Wild

“The Call of the Wild” There are some days when I just feel like ramping up my look, and I’ve always said I could get away with just about anything because people will look at me and say “Well, you know her, she’s an “ARTIST” as if they’ve just discovered a rare bird

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The Blessing Bowl

"The Blessing Bowl" I think I started out in life with a curiosity and joy and although at times I kept that going, there was a part of my "people pleasing" nature that allowed other people's wants to "eek" in ...........being a kid who moved so much, I was leaving friends behind, only to

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Grand Opening

Amy Keever Gallery Grand Opening What an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE night !!!!!!! I could NOT have asked for a better Grand Opening!!! We had a ton of folks come by and show their love and I got tickled at the man who said “word has it you’re gonna hug my neck!” It was non stop

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Siloam Springs – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Siloam Springs - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony To say that my heart is full would be an incredible understatement!!!! I just cannot say enough about how much it meant to see my friends and family and feel so much love on this day! I’ve got lots more pictures to come Im just slow after all

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July 26, 2021 – Process Update

July 26, 2021 - Process Update Here we go!!!!! Haven't you ever wondered what a life size gown would look like in all stained glass with embroidery glass on top?!? I sure have!!!!! There is Maverick "peeping" behind this gal, and although I have all the fine detail to still sculpt, a double application

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