Mistari Maridadi

"Mistari Maridadi", which means "beautiful stripes" in Swahili, is a piece that is made of over 9,715 pieces of handcut stained glass....each piece is usually trimmed down at least 5-10 cuts to allow each piece to fit beautifully, as I lay in my pieces very tight, so thats about 48,575- 91,750 individual cuts to get to the finished piece ! This work took over 337 hours in the studio to complete.



”Little compassionate one, carrying mercy among her” …..I love this little girl so much …..she carries her own energy of love and purpose, knowing self compassion beyond that for the world as well……



“Bonamassa”………I’ve always loved the play of soft and hard in Joe Bonamassa’s music and this is all I could picture with this beautiful pony, one in my “Wild Ponies” series, she is audaciously feminine, but very strong….the heartbeat of what my voice is for my art! I hope you see all the closeups of her….she is quite brilliant in color, made of sculpted concrete and adorned with Italian smalti, and hand placed exotic feathers……


Sacred Ground

I love playing with the idea of hard and soft, so forming this fiberglass fabric gave it a flow of an organza, which I then used broken eggshell as a medium and finished with a technique I’ve developed which gives it a lace like pattern with crushed eggshell as a second layer.



I have always loved nests and what they represent to me as almost a “second womb”.



I created this piece for a couple getting married and told their story of love within.


Haute Couture Fairy

Sculpted in polystyrene, adorned with stained glass, mirrored glass, Italian smalti, gold smalti, feathers, hand cut organza and silk flowers.

Let’s create something together.

From the beginning, I will help you explore and birth the heirloom piece of work you so desire. I will be attentive to take in all the various facets of your hopes for the piece and initially sketch something to give an idea of where we can take the design and give you a concrete time frame and price. Once we find the perfect match, I will get started on creating something unique and timeless that you can enjoy for years to come.