NOVEMBER 11, 2021
120 South Main, Bentonville, AR 72712
(one block south of the square)

Come for a fun filled night of exquisite art pieces from the collection of Amy Keever and see the first public viewing of her zebra piece “Mistiri Maridadi”, of over 337 hours of work and 9,715 pieces of hand cut stained glass!


Enjoy the music of NW Arkansas band “Robbing Ford”, alongside the amazing Tontitown Winery, with catering from Taziki’s! Bring a friend! I can’t wait to meet you!


Amy is a native Texan, however her family roots were firmly planted in Northwest Arkansas where she lived off and on and has recently returned to open up her latest gallery in the downtown area of Bentonville, Arkansas just one block south of the square. It is hard to put into words the delicate, yet powerful look of Amy’s work….. Many people will say “I’ve never seen anything like this!” She begins by sculpting in a very lightweight material , which is then a series of layers - one piece at a time of fiberglass, then adding thin layers of concrete , sometimes repeating that process to give her large works more structure , then the real artform begins - one by one, Amy cuts from large sheets of glass to almost “paint” with hand cut, hand chosen pieces of stained glass and other rare glasses like Italian smalti and filati that are not much thicker than a sheet of paper. This gives her work such detail and brings to life creations that can easily contain over 15,000 pieces of hand cut glass ….each piece has been cut down at least 5-10 times to ensure the closest fit, with hundreds of hours refining the work . When you enter the doors of Amy Keever Gallery, it’s as if you’ve stepped into a Parisian Art Salon, with a burst of femininity and a couture aesthetic. As Amy states “ I fill alive when I’m around those things that are full of light, love and peace and I bring that energy into all my art …….my heart is full when I see a random wildflower, as it reminds me that I too am that outlier, that one that’s not easily tamed “. 


We hope you can join us for the Grand Opening on November 11th, and come for a blissful experience that is sure ignite all of your senses!