Meet Amy

Amy Keever is a glass mosaic and mixed media artist who’s primarily been working in glass for over 21 years . Her pieces range from small to large and two dimensional pieces to three dimensional sculptures. Having been primarily self taught, Amy has expanded her work to include the finest rare Italian glass as well as a variety of art forms to create one of kind heirloom works of art.


Current Works

I felt such vulnerability with these pieces as I knew I had tapped into the deepest corners of my heart….the influence of Couture clothing opened up my world and helped me embrace the freedom within my own spirit.


Past Works

From two dimensional to large sculptures, this is a biography of where I come from and where I am going.


“If you see Amy’s art, you’ve met Amy…..She is one of the most unique artists in my experience and I’ve showed with many that have the capacity to draw you in ……you’ll not only fall in love with her art but you will fall in love with her……The essence of her work is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”………..Bettie Hebert Felder

There becomes a rhythm to the work that allows me to lose track of time and space.

There are thousands of broken eggshells in some of my mosaics.

I have always known I wanted to be an artist, I just had to allow her to manifest and give it my full permission.

I’d love to create something special with you.

From the beginning, I will help you explore and birth the heirloom piece of work you so desire. I will be attentive to take in all the various facets of your hopes for the piece and initially sketch something to give an idea of where we can take the design and give you a concrete time frame and price. Once we find the perfect match, I will get started on creating something unique and timeless that you can enjoy for years to come.


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