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My Story

I would love to welcome you to my site and bring you into my journey with art and why I create the pieces that I do. As long as I can remember I have had a passion for artistic expression and love the idea of challenging mediums in ways they aren't exactly created to be used- I love the play of hard and soft , like choosing to manipulate concrete to have a tenderness and elegance, painting in oils to give a work translucency and welding my sculptures that are actually quite strong to have a sense of delicacy. Somehow intuitively, I have chosen to embrace the road less traveled in both the way I think and the creative choices I make on a daily basis. I love to educate young artists on how I work as I don't think its typically a process they've seen before and have mentored young adults for many years now through teaching them an artform or giving them a chance to exhibit in a professional setting and experiencing all parts of being an artist.


I moved so much as a kid, and art became that best friend and constant in my life, and I think you'll see the kinship in my work and the story it tells. The audacious colors with narratives explaining the joy, healing and hope I've experienced and how being an artist has allowed me to serve as its conduit. It has always been my wish to allow my work to become what it needs to be so that it serves the greater good and  brings others that same gift of hope.

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