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The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas
Vol. 7


Scouted Life: 21 Pieces to Add to Your Collection

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As we prepare for a fall refresh, we’re reminded that artwork offers the perfect opportunity to add a breath of fresh air to your decor while helping you see your space in a new light. Whether you’re a serious collector or just dipping your toe into the art world, in part one of our three-part series, we introduce you to works of art that span a range of styles and are ready to add new life to any area of your home. Looking for more art options? Click here for full article

"Best of Northwest Arkansas"

Top 5 Best Commercial Art Gallery


Proud member of 
The Scout Guide 
Northwest Arkansas
Vol. 6

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"Northwest Arkansas Artists to Know"


"Turning Art into Business withAmy Keever"

Interview with Startup Junkie

Citiscapes article of Amy Keever Gallery

"I am blown away by this one-of-a-kind venue and the authenticity of its proprietor! Amy Keever has created a space celebrating beauty, joy, and her own unique flare! Bentonville is so fortunate to have this creative and loving soul establish such a beautiful, welcoming, and eclectic creative space as one of their premier downtown destinations! Her mosaics area amazing (did you say 10's of thousands of pieces of glass, Amy?), her paintings inspiring, her sculptures effervescent, and jewelry making joyful individualized statements! I hope you will visit, enjoy, and partake of the unique and welcoming "vibe" and creative offerings Amy has so skillfully developed to make your visit unforgettable! The opportunity to meet Amy and spend time with someone as genuine and generous as Amy is icing on the cake! Well done Amy!"





"Amy Keever is an inspired and talented artist! Her ability to create so well in so many mediums is impressive and amazing. I especially love her stained glass mosaics and the meticulous and intricate detail that she can master. Meanwhile her mixed media paintings are loose and vibrant and full of life. We are fortunate to have Amy, her art and her lovely gallery as part of our art community in Bentonville and NW Arkansas.

Her gallery is carefully thought out and elegantly designed. You don't want to miss Amy's joy for art and life. I encourage you to support this elegant and inviting gallery and the beautiful soul who was inspired to bring it to Downtown Bentonville.




"Not sure there are enough words to describe this beautiful gallery or Amy. The gallery is a reflection of the heart and creativity of Amy Keever herself. I have known Amy quite a few years. She gives of herself to others wanting the best for them to succeed and grow and be the best they can be. In her own art with glass and stone mosaic you discover the true depth of beauty with color and light. Then you realize the hours it takes to design a piece, cut the stones and then place them creating something done by few artists these days. She is a jewelry designer, a painter, and a true artist of the heart and hand covering many areas. From canvas to silver, to metal, to stone, to paint, to fabrics and will find her artwork pulling you into the heart of her creativity. Dare to go and explore this gallery and you will leave lighter in heart with a smile on your face! Cannot wait to go back again and see this incredible woman and what she will have on our next visit!"


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