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Mentorship - A Part of My Heart

When I lived in Texas I had a mentoring program I was a part of, and now I'm SO excited to be bringing this back in a bigger and better way by offering scholarships for mentorship with the youth of our area, to share my knowledge and artform, as well as talking about the business side of art and teaching them things like how to talk to a client , disciplines in how to market their art and giving them a professional opportunity to be a part of exhibits in my gallery! In choosing students for the program, I will be creating a platform of my own to show our community what these young men and women can do and I am just BURSTING with ideas for them! I truly love forming lifetime relationships with these kids and here to help them succeed! Here are a few pictures from young adults in my life and the joy they've brought me! I also have a few slots open to come speak to schools and events to help promote art and my love for it !

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