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Here are a few pics of  Tucker although I have more on my camera to help me with his dimensions and more pics of inspirational things- this sculpt is a surprise for his wife's birthday (former clients) and will be a sculpt that I will cover in Italian smalti "fur like" ( somewhat like the red Italian smalti flower shown) ......Ive got some smalti coming and may use some variety of grey and white stone as well for his spots- they love his four white stockings so he wanted him standing ( I loved a pic of him crossing his legs sitting as standards are known for that ) and I have a few sentimental details I'm trying to include but hes not pushing that either way I just thought his wife would like it as Im sentimental lol -

Tucker is up in age and a little bow legged and Im tempted to include that but cant really get a feel from Terry if hed like that - Tucker's littermate they had (LuLu) died last year so the dates I have are when they were born, and his wife's bday as well as I'll have his favorite toy lambchop in his mouth - I loved his wife's funky green chair and found the perfect Luminesce tiles from Maryland mosaics and kind of have the idea of building the base like the cake stand but maybe tufting the top like a soft pillow covered in stained glass and the tiles of that golden green with actual buttons where its tufted...I plan on using the thinner fused glass for his nose and smaller shaved parts ....My concerns are getting the base right and giving it symmetry (my weakness) and not sure where to place these sentimental things and may just need to add in his wife's bday somewhere-I think I'll be down in Texas this weekend so I may get my son to help me with the base and weld it in steel - these are precious clients who adore each other and have been together forever so I feel like he trusts my creative swing on this! Hopefully the little gallery of pics will give you a sense of this and I'll be making a memory book of the process of it for her to keep - a few questions I have are 

How to go about making the tufts symmetrical or any other suggestions on that?

Thoughts on bringing in the sentimental items ?

Any other ideas to include on the base or change it ? Square or rectangle?

Im sure we'll have other things to talk about but curious about your perpsective on this!

Proposal for Tucker's Sculpture

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