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One piece at a time.......

Here is a piece I've been working on and can't wait to finish! It already has over 2,500 pieces of hand cut stained glass, which I carefully cut and fit in a way that creates almost a cloth like appearance. I've sculpted this piece out of polystyrene, and used fiberglass fabric which I hardened to give the piece the structure it needs to support the glass......I will eventually be carving out more polystyrene from below to give it a more delicate look (anyone who's followed me knows how much I love to make things have a delicate look, while actually being very strong ........ A fun fact with pink glass is it takes 24 kt gold to make the color - you will never see a bright pink or purple in stained glass- keep your eyes out to see! I can't wait to show you more! I'll be adding THOUSANDS of Swarovski crystals to this piece and will video it as that's the only way you can truly experience all the shimmer and glam of it! Thanks for stopping by and coming along for the journey!


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