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I wanted to create this page to give you an idea of what I can create for your team. We are in a bit of a crunch to get started so I would need to know pretty quickly if you are wanting to go forward with the plans but I am confident I can create a meaningful body of pieces that will give your staff a feeling of how much they mean to you and your "Ubuntu" mission. I immediately thought of mosaics as it already symbolizes how each person is important to create the whole. My proposal is that I use a 4 inch round piece of slate (we can also do square but the circle seems more symbolic of your mission) and create colorful mosaics on each one, and they could all have the basic color pattern (even though no two mosaics are alike) or each person could have a variety of different colors and even some tone on tone patterns. I think there should be one piece of Italian gold smalti to represent how value comes together when we all work as a team. Italian smalti is priced different for each color but I am just including the standard pricing for any color you would prefer to use and I have a rainbow of colors to choose from! Below I've got a few pictures of the boxes I could use as well as a rough idea of what a small mosaic could look like. There is also a small video on hardie and hammer which is how I will create them. Each gift would include :

1.The box that you choose

2.Small mosaic with 24 kt gold Italian smalti and Italian smalti on slate(Slate combined in the mosaic is a very elegant look as well)

3.Package filler

4.An individual hand note explaining their mosaic from me 

5.A QR code that leads them to a video of me working on the pieces and how mosaics are created along with explaining what these pieces are made of

6.A tag with each of their names if you'd like for me to have that filled out( I would just need a list of proper spelling)

7. Any information you'd like on telling your team about the works made.

The value this brings to your team is it is a handmade item and all the glass is made and shipped from Murano Italy which you rarely see in the United States- the piece of 24 kt gold smalti is fired in between two pieces of translucent glass -it will mean more if they can have a note from the artist as well as showing the technique of using a hammer and hardie which is also a very unique process. I'm a big believer in having the packaging add to the feel and presentation so the three price points I can give you are $52.00 + tax per person for the weighted lid with bow in either black or white, or the more affordable box would be black only at $48.00 + tax per person, or $49.00 plus tax per person if you'd like me to add a bow of your choice. This is as affordable as I can make this and would love the opportunity if this is something that works for you- I really need to know within 24 hours to get a few things ordered and get them done in time- I would need half down and could send you an invoice through an email! I hope this explains everything you'd need to know but of course feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and if you can let me know either way what you decide. I have a few pieces that are pressing but I will need to put them aside and get started on this instead if we decide on it!  


Proposal for Team 


4 inch slate circle


weighted lid with magnet-black


weighted lid with magnet-white


more affordable box- with or without ribbon

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