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I wanted to create this page to organize all the details of the sculpture and have samples of what the glass is like - of course you can come by and see it in person to get a better idea- I had first thought I would give you a bid with stained glass and with Italian smalti, but I just feel like the smalti will give more of a likeness of Tucker, while still being abstract. I've attached a few pictures of my steer who is stained glass , and you can see it's a very smooth look versus the flowers that have the textured look in Italian smalti. I would keep him on the darker side with black mainly but can pepper his hair and add in the ticking on his white spots.....I'd like to throw a little gold smalti in there for highlights and I would plan on using stained glass most likely around the muzzle and nose. Italian smalti isn't seen much in the United States which is why I like to use it because it is rare and is made and shipped from Murano Italy! I saw it in all the European churches when I sang overseas but I was not a mosaic artist at the time so I came back for it years later.....I will chisel most of it with a hardie and hammer, how mosaics were first created centuries ago.  This will first be welded steel and then built up from there....I'm not sure what texture I'll have on the base but I want it to be a nod to your fun chair! I would most likely have it "pillow like" as the chair is but that will come along later to make sure it doesn't detract from Tucker. I like to make books on pieces like this that show the process and that can be something for your wife to have when it's presented as a keepsake .   Those are always a lot of fun to look back on! I'd need to have you bring Tucker by so I can get some clearer photos of all angles - would love to get a pic of him holding lambchop and I've got one I can bring so you wouldn't have to bring one from home :)

The sketch below is very basic and hard to show what he will look like in glass but I feel sure she will love him done in smalti! I can see in my head exactly where I'd like to take this and hoping this gives you enough of an idea - I could do the white of his fur in stone or glass and we can visit about that later. I'd need to order glass pretty quickly if youd like to move forward on the piece and I could plan a private viewing for her at the gallery close to or on her birthday. The piece will be $3,750.00 plus tax and you just let me know what you'd like to do from here! I'd just need half down to get the piece started and I can email you an invoice  .        

Proposal for Tucker's Sculpture


notice how flat it is


this will give him texture and show off the variety of colors in his coat better 

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