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My very first teacher and mentor (and continues to be) in welding is my precious son, Haid. He's been at it since he was barely in highschool and built an amazing 30 ft low boy trailer by himself his senior year, so I was given such a great foundation and continue to learn from him as we share the love of welding together- with my sculptures I build in various mediums and some of them require a metal armature to give the piece strength so I build each piece with that in mind. Many times I'm also building a base to give the work stability  along with some pieces having ornamental welding. This year I will be showing process videos and works in progress as well as adding TIG welding (welding aluminum) and brazing ( solder/welding with brass ) so that I can join many different types of metals together- its lots of sparks but a fantastic way for me to build any size piece I need ! I will be adding some videos to this page soon!

me and Haid welding pic_edited.png
me and Haid_edited.png

The day I was "Tyler" for the day at the junkyard, finding steel pieces to add to my sculptures- dirty, but FUN!

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