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"Get To Worthy"

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

These words resonated when I heard Tyler Perry speak of his mom and how he didn't understand why she put up with some abuse in her life and he said, "I realized she never felt get to worthy"........what a condensed message that is and one I had to unpack as it relates to me and helping others by sharing insights from my journey. There was a time in my life where I didn't get to worthy, and it affected so many areas. After years of healing, I am blessed to not be in those same corners of mistreatment, yet I realize at times there can still be an echo in your mind.....perhaps not to the level you first felt it, but in much smaller ways such as "you need to try harder, be better and go faster" particular arena I didn't see being affected was my creativity. Artists live in vulnerability daily of exposing the most tender parts of themselves to reach out to the world and tell their story. To communicate through color and emote through shapes and words. Sounds pretty serious I know! But for an empathic, tender being, it's a lot- we wouldn't have it any other way, but it can be scary to tell your story in an unspoken language. I think there has always been a voice in the back of my mind, "the editor", trying to remind me to be a little less of me, don't show up completely as you, as it's just a little more than the world can surely take! Pull back some in your creations and start thinking from the left side of your brain. But truly, even when your heart longs to bring joy to others through your work, it must first be 100% you.......I can't create from a place of performance or acceptance or I cheat the work- I don't show up for it, which in turn is not showing up for me, which then steals a piece of creativity from the viewer. So I, as the audacious girl that I am, do solemnly swear to show up 100% for you in showing up as all of me! That is truly when I am my happiest, where I'm reminded just how much art is like that best friend that followed me everywhere, releasing reflections of my heart in layers of yummy color and light!


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