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Honor Her.......Tip of the Day

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

These days I've been working hard on helping that inner child......healing those broken things inside of me and protecting myself from that which doesn't feel right for my energy- I feel like the more work I've done on myself, the more in tune my ability is to pick up on things that are either toxic or don't sit well with me......I'm finally listening to her........I think the best way we love the world and honor it, is when we first honor ourselves and give the gift of grace to our own souls.......recently I found this picture of me when going through some of my mother's things, and I laughed outloud because being the last of three kids, there aren't ,many pics to find lol- But I sat with this for a bit and just asked myself what was she wanting in her little life? What was she doing? I remember vividly this time of my life and I was sketching sketching sketching! Anything that stayed still I was well as petting and loving every creature I could get my hands on.......and my mind went to this - "Honor her"........Past traumas started a vicious cycle sometimes of being SO hard on myself- not to mention being that weird art kid who was off on her own- who didn't have any artists that she knew of or others that looked like her spiritually in regards to her art path........yet the adult version of me just wants to hug her and promise that I will honor her.....that I see how hard she's trying and cheer her on....I keep this picture by my studio desk now, to constantly be a reminder to do just that- take time to give her all the wishes she was dreaming of - some of art, some of peace, some of love and belonging .......funny that my name actually means "Beloved", I guess God knew that I would forget that my tip of the day is this......Honor Her......Honor Him...........take time to ask your little child what they need from you now- my husband and I were visiting this morning about how being in our 50's and 60's, that time is even more precious.......we protect it better than we did in our 20's, and want to make the most of our lives- we treasure heart connections with others and wish to bring hope to anyone by sharing our journey and throwing any kind of life ring we can. Light brings unity, and darkness brings division ........find that light inside that's needing to be loved and nurtured enough so that it can feel safe to come outside and play.....


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